2nd Annual Wild Horse Camping Trip with the Nieces — 15 Comments

  1. Ahhhh….I feel as if you personally guided me on this tour. How my heart yearns to be out there somewhere, looking for the herds, listening to the sights, smells and rhythms of the horses. That one-eared guy, HOW DID HE LOSE AN EAR, I wonder? I saw an image on Instagram of a one-eyed horse! No matter what body part is missing however, their majesty still intrigues. Mary, you are SO BLESSED!

    • The Palomino lost his ear to another stallion a few years ago. Bit it right off, is the story I hear. Anita, you should come and explore with me out there.

  2. Hello, the horses photos are beautiful. I love the babies. The fox are cute too. Your nieces are beautiful girls, I am sure they had a fun time.
    Great outing. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  3. A stallion bit off her ear? WHAT A GUY! Sheesh! Well, she’s still rockin’ it and with grace. How I’d love to meet you one day (and if you saw my methods of photography, you’d correct me, I bet!)

    Those babies you are sharing….swoon city!

  4. How wonderful to experience these beautiful creatures with your nieces!

    You sure do capture the wild horses beauty! And those babies are sooooo cute!

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