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3 Dog Days Training video review — 4 Comments

  1. This is Ollie the chewaholic’s Mom I did watch this excellent DVD on training. I think it would be very helpful if your just getting a dog that’s over four to six months of age. She stress to not let you dogs have the run of the house at first. Putting a leash on them and hooking it to a leg of a table so they learn boundaries. I didn’t agree with all the tips she had for training but its that way with a lot of folks who are great with training dogs but have their way of doing things. She also taught that you should never give a dog a treat with out them doing a command or having good behavior. Personally The hardest thing to teach my dogs are not to jump on me. I also know that a dog who is tired because they get plenty of exercise and play are better behaved. My dogs are outdoor / indoor dogs. I would love to see a series of dog training DVDs with some ares of training for problems such as chewing and digging. Right now Ollie could dig a snow cave. They do know that I’m the pack leader. I had to train other’s in our family do follow my training or it goes out the window.

    • Hi Roxy and Ollie’s Moms~ Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and review “3 Dog Days!” The system works wonders when first bringing dogs home, and can be used to rehabilitate dogs already part of your family. “Starting over” with an existing dog and working the system actually works to “reset” a dog’s mind. Future videos addressing very specific unwanted behaviors are in the works! In the meantime, the companionship and control section can be a big help with chewing issues when worked along with this training tip:

      “I like to provide dogs with ONLY 3 prey items at first (or during your rehab time.) Meaning, one squeaky toy, one ball, one chew bone. If you are extinguishing unwanted chewing behavior from a dog you already have, you will know what types of toys and chew items are his favorite already. Meet his desires with 3 items ONLY. I find chewing problems develop because the dog has access to a giant box of toys from the beginning and he then mistakenly thinks every item in the house is “up for grabs.” It’s too confusing for dogs. So, you will start with the companionship/control section of the “3 Dog Days” video and get your dog his favorite 3 play/prey items. He will be controlled so he can’t run through the house and chew things when you are distracted or the house is busy with other people. During this 3 day period, keep praising and encouraging the play and chewing of these 3 items. In your mind, you have determined that ALL other items are off limits. You will devote your energy and time during this 3 days toward letting your dog know these 3 items are “yes” and all other items are “no.” Clean up all socks, shoes, towels, stuffed animals or any other items he mistakenly has been chewing in the past. Now, after 3 days and after his mind “resets” from the control and efforts your have given to this chewing issue, you will allow him to run free in a controlled area……..like just the kitchen and living room (within reason and when you can observe.) Deliberately, put one sock or one shoe in the floor or somewhere accessible to him. Remember, you already cleaned up the other stuff so your focus will be to watch him and be ready to disagree when he gets the sock. When, he gets the sock say “no” and provide the respectful structure and discipline you learned when watching “3 Dog Days” You should back him away or stand on the sock or shoe and THE DOG must back away from the sock. Don’t say any other words and don’t say NO more than once! Make it happen with your mind, your will, your body. He will understand. Now, when he gives up the sock, just take it and walk away (don’t say “good boy” when he backs away. That will confuse him. Don’t say anything!) and get one of his allowed prey items. Bring it to him and say….in an excited voice, “this is for Ollie! Get this Ollie! Good Boy” See the pattern? No this….but then you must provide the Yes this.

      Once he is practiced and understands he is only allowed to chew/play with his 3 prey items, then you can slowly introduce, one at a time, all the things he is NOT allowed to chew just like you did with the sock and you can disagree when he gets them. He will start understanding quickly. When time passes and he only chews his 3 items and you have shown him other things are off limits, you can introduce one new toy at a time. Each time you bring a new toy home you say “This is for Ollie…..Get it Ollie!” Make Sense? I still wouldn’t go over 5 – 6 allowed prey items at a time. Remember, when the human decides….really decides…..to change something and makes a plan……the dog will follow. Good luck and I hope you find this tip helpful! Enjoy your dogs :-)

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