Some time in the woods

Some time in the woods

We have been to Prescott several times before. You can read this post, and this one too. The first time we came here was for the Phippen Art show. Al got his sculptures in that show, and it was a great time.  I really like the town, and enjoy visiting here.

We spent several hours Monday and Tuesday in Prescott going through the antique stores. We have some ideas for framing my photos, so we are looking for specific things. I thought we would easily find some vintage odds and ends, not so much. We did find a few things we had on our list, so that was good. I’m not a fan of shopping really, so yesterday we just stayed around the house and relaxed. Torrey and I went for a nice walk in the woods in the morning, I do love the smell of pine trees. Spring is just barely starting here, so there were only a few flowers out.

This is a short stemmed lupine.

Short stemmed lupine

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