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  1. IS THAT MISS ROXY as a pup? My goodness, what a darling little thing she IS! Well Mary, what a year. As a blogger, I had to make the toughest decision to stop mine but I keep it open and update it every few weeks, but that chapter led to another volume of creativity in my life, and that’s Instagram. It has been a great place to yet again meet other people AND have a place to share my efforts in photography. If I can sum up my year, I’d say it’s been a year of development – finally finding another mode of artistic expression that I’m happy with is liberating. I had always been encouraged to illustrate, all my life, but resisted and never felt happy with that form of art. Writing of course is a given….I love it, I pursue it. But the visual arts are important to me and now I know that it’s light and shadows that intrigue me the most.

    It’s been a wonderful year, and thank YOU for being a part of my development. MUCH LOVE! ANita

  2. I will definitely keep the Green Geeks in mind…I’m still on the fence as to what I am going to do, but I have heard some not so great things about Host Gator and Blue Host. Please let me know if you continue to be happy with the service that Green Geeks is providing. That picture of Roxy is absolutely adorable!! I love your sea glass projects and photos…but I cannot shop any more for awhile…

  3. Roxy was a cute puppy! I love your sea glass frame. I will have to remember the Green geeks too. Congrats to Dianne on winning the giveaway! happy Tuesday, enjoy your week!

  4. The frame is a super way to use sea glass. I do love it…but I also have tons of sea glass so will “steal” your idea. So, one more week in Washington? Hope the weather is good for you as you collect more glass. All the best in 2016, Mary!
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  5. OMG is that Puppy Roxy in the pic???? I could have died from cuteness overload!! Great to know about Green Geeks, I’ll keep them in mind in case I need to switch a client to a new host. I love what you did with the picture frame, and even though you’re anxious to leave, at least you have one more week to stock up heavily on beach items you won’t find in the desert! :)
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  6. We have been OK with HostGator so far, but if that ever changes, we’ll definitely switch through you! I am going to want your sea glass mobile definitely. If you still have the frame at that time, I might take both.
    One more week in the rain zone? Hang in there!
    Happy New Year to you, Al, and the girls!
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