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A boring weekend — 45 Comments

  1. I’m up before the sunrise. I had sweet dreams; did you and Roxy? I need to teach Ollie and Reggie to catch a Frisbee. Ollie would just chew it up! Maybe you Torrey could come over and show her how its done. Relaxing in a chair is boring up sometimes you have to do it. You have to take the bitter with the sweet. Enjoy today its supposed yo be sunny. Aunt Mary

  2. Cousin Lena was here but we had lousy weather on the weekend so we didn’t do anything real exciting either. My mom agrees on the time change thing – ridiculous!

  3. Glad the pups did get some play time after all the boring chores. Indiana is goofy when it comes to time. For a long time, we stayed on the same time (Indiana time) all year long, which meant that for half the year we were on Eastern time and half the year on Central time. Then, the state decided to be on Eastern time, but they let the counties have the final say…so our county in on Eastern time and the next county over in on Central time. Crazy.

  4. Hey, at least you did get to go to the park! Sometimes a force down-time weekend is good too….although I am sure you are right….you’re not lacking in the sleep department :)

  5. Hey Roxy, Torrey may have been ready to fall off that chair, but you look like you were about to disappear under the cushions of your couch! And I totally agree with the Native American’s sentiments on daylight savings time! Happy Monday!

  6. So bored you almost fell off the chair… LOL! It was a pretty boring weekend, wasn’t it? I hope your Monday is better. :)

  7. OH, I had a boring weekend here too. And daddy-dog is sick, which just made the weekend endless nap time (not that I am particularly complaining). At least you got some outdoor time.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  8. Yup we aren’t getting a longer day, just changing the times we have the light. Personally I think it makes for better sleeping in the morning, which I did today. Quite by accident.

  9. Roxy, you and Torrey should come to my house for a weekend. There is no WAY you’d be bored. We have chickens and ducks to chase.

  10. That old Indian saying is precious! Living with daylight savings, I couldn’t agree more. Over here, they tell us it’ll save our curtains from the sun and the cows will appreciate it. Huh?

  11. Sometimes boring is good. :)

    We love daylight savings time because it gives us plenty of daylight to train the dogs after work. Not today though. Today it is pouring rain. But it is still light out at 7pm!

  12. LOL! Torrey is so funny nearly falling out of that chair. This weekend might have been a little less than exciting, but it sounds like you’re people are getting ready for some big fun – and that means you dogs will having a blast in no time!

  13. LOLOL Oh Roxy, Gracie is always falling off the sofa like Torrey there! She just rolls over and right off the sofa. I confess to laughing at her shocked behavior!

  14. Sorry you guys were so bored but that picture of Torrey falling off her chair is great…And Momz agrees with you and the Native Americans…we are not fans of DST

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