A great and unusual Saturday — 35 Comments

  1. Iv’e seen many burrows while we were at Lake Mead. We also saw longhorn sheep fighting up on the rocks while we were on my cousin’s houseboat. Mike told me that the burrows were brought in to do mining long ago and were left there when they were finished with them. I am so glad your having fun. As for us we are freezing! I am up in the middle of the night writing this because I let the chilly dogs in to warm up. Now they are hot dogs and want to go out. Its below zero! Tell me what Mom bought at the swap meet and Where will she put it?

  2. Wow what a fun adventure! I love traveling the way you guys are, you never know what you’ll discover next. Those burros sure were a fun surprise! You look adorable in that backpack, Roxy! :D

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