A murder of ravens — 19 Comments

  1. You do always find something interesting to photograph Mary. The power of those thundering horses coming right at ya is breath taking. I’m having a sleepless night. 3:43 am here in Utah right now. Been up for an hour.

  2. the horses look great like the horses in Belinda Carlisles song :o) I agree with you ravens are super interesting birds. a classmate had a raven once, this bird was amazing and I sometimes thought he understands every word. he also was a thief, but he only grabbed useless things, so no chance to get rich that way :o)

  3. I had difficulty this morning getting into your blog, but I’m sure glad I finally made it in! A MURDER! There are some pretty interesting collective nouns out there, like a POSSE of turkeys, which is what we have roaming around here in the city!

    That raven in the tree is remarkable, Mary. AND THE HORSES? I can never, ever get enough of them. That last one with the brown horse in the forefront, ears pinned all the way back: TERROR on hooves! Gorgeous beauty, awesome danger from a nice, safe distance!

  4. I did not know they were called a murder. We have a few of them around us and they are noisy little things. But they’ve moved to another area of the neighborhood, and that makes me happy~ LOL

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