A week of giveaways and a huge sale — 33 Comments

  1. I have always loved your hand work! Such a time consuming talent. Beautiful pieces, all of them!

    • Hi Sheryl, Thanks for stopping by the blog today. The prices on the beaded dog jackets is dependant on size, and the amount of beadwork. For example, the 3 jackets that are shown on the blog, would be $225. Roxy is a 7 1/2 pound dog so she wears a size small. Less beadwork would be cheaper, and the size of the jacket itself would effect price too. If you would like more info, email me at

  2. Your bead work is so pretty! It would be an honor to win! How come you aren’t doing it anymore? Is it too hard on the eyes? Cuz it looks like it would be! But maybe that’s just me projecting my rapidly-getting-worse eyesight on to you!

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