Artsy Fartsy Tuesday- Beading with friends — 19 Comments

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  2. what fun to travel with such wonderful people Roxy. More people to love you and Torrey. Ollie and Reggie sure miss you and so do Mike and I and especially Mia. It looks like Shannon has enjoyed making the beaded doggie collars and does a great job. I went to n art antique fair in town the other day and bought some old tin art. Way cool. Its still cold here and lots of awful air to breath. Our friends have a seven year old lab mix dog and a shiztsu. The lab chews everything! I hope ollie outgrows this problem. They have lots of antlers to chew on so maybe this will help Ollie urge to chew. I keep getting her toys to play with and in seconds they are gone!

  3. Roxy, how nice that Auntie Shannon can still do some of her beautiful beading…I’m sure you are helping her too. Her designs are just lovely.

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