Artsy Fartsy Tuesday- Lori Lohmeyer

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Lori Lohmeyer

Lori writes, What remains now, a blog that I am so glad I found. Lori is very much like we are, an artist, a dog lover, someone trying to bring more beauty into the world. Lori is very creative in so many ways. She scrapbooks, paints, and is just very crafty in general. In fact, she wrote a blog post a short time ago about how she has a hard time focusing on one form of art. That would be me!!
 I have really been enjoying Lori’s paintings lately of little girls. They are all so innocent, cute, and colorful. 
Artsy Farsty Tuesday -Lori Lohmeyer
Artsy Farsty Tuesday -Lori Lohmeyer
Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Lori Lohmeyer
Lori sent me some info about herself and the fun she has had painting.
I’ve been a crafter all my life, but I’m new to painting. It all began when I started writing my blog, What Remains Now, and recording what I call my creativity journey. My goal was to open up my creative spirit and try all sorts of different things. I painted my first girl when I took Juliette Crane’s How to Paint a Girl E-course, and I was hooked. I LOVED painting these little gals and watching them come to life. Often, you’ll hear writers talk about how their characters almost create themselves once they get writing, and that’s the way I feel about my girls. I start painting, and I’m always surprised by the little personalities that emerge.
Currently, I don’t have my paintings for sale, but I will sometime in the near future.
Personally I think Lori will be able to sell these paintings, Easily!!
Be sure to visit Lori on her wonderful blog, What remains now, and see what else she has been up to.


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  2. very unique art. I enjoyed it very much. I see what she means about the characters and personalities popping out at you. I saw my attitude in a few of them. I will take a look at her web site.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I recently connected with Lori and have been following her blog for only a short time. She is so nice! I do love her paintings of little girls and some of the other things she does. Glad I could learn a little bit more about her.
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  4. They actually look good! It’s a theme and I just love it… Buyers could put it in dress shops!It’ll definitely add a personal touch to it.

    Hello, dear Roxy. Sorry I haven’t dropped by for awhile. I do read your posts when they visit my inbox.

    Huggies and Cheese,

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