A beautiful Teton sunset — 32 Comments

  1. That’s a perfect project for you – every one of your photos could be an entry. I’m so glad to see there are still some buffalo roaming around, they’ve been so over-hunted it’s horrible. Today’s photo of the Tetons almost looks 3D – it’s stunning! I can’t get enough of them. Love the bird as well, what a great pic.
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    • Thank you! I am excited about the project, and hope I can keep up the momentum. The bison here are amazing. Every year we see them, and I never get tired of it.

  2. Good glory, Mary, YOUR PHOTOS! My goodness, you have awe-struck me this morning with an America yet unseen in my mind and experience! Lovely tour for me as I sit here on a rainy Minneapolis day! That baby buff is precious and frisky, indeed! Thank you for coming by and excited that you are in on the party!!! Be well, Anita

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful and BEAUTIFUL! I love the idea of doing something creative every day…but 100 days seems like a lot. However, if there is one person who I know that could do it, it is YOU! I cannot wait to see what you come up with. Keep enjoying all these Beautiful sights and please keep sharing them with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
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    • Thanks for the confidence vote on the 100 days. As of right now I am pretty sure I can do it, lets see in 50 or 60 days what I think. LOL

  4. Well, it is just stunning what you have captured, surely a place I’ve never seen in our beautiful country! Happy photographing!! Anita

  5. Two crickets in the mouth wow thats a mouth full. Love that big buff and little one. Beautiful , just crazy about your photo genius Mary! We just got back from fish lake where i had a big fall! We camped in the aspens and it rained a little each day. Had a nice camp fire and most children showed up. Got many rainbow trout. Will post pics later. Oh yes then I caught the flu! Can you say pass me the bucket?

  6. That really is a gorgeous photo. I’m following you on the 100 day project and am checking in every day. I hope you will check on me too and chide me if I’m not fulfilling my obligations. :-)

  7. Go for it and remember that you don’t need to travel far to get great photos (although the Tetons are pretty spectacular)
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  8. That’s a wonderful challenge for you! Your photos are amazing! Have a fabulous weekend! Hugs, Diane

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