Bighorn Sheep in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada — 13 Comments

  1. Going on tour with you is truly the only way I’ll ever see this place; the colors Mary, they are so soft, contrary to the rough and wild reality of it all…the juxtaposition of the harsh landscape with the soft hues is a DELIGHT! And those creatures; they are magical in every way, dodging conflicting edges every step of the way. Brilliant!

  2. Hello, it was a wonderful encounter with the BIghorn sheep. The little ones are so cute. I love the jumping shots, great captures.
    Have a happy day!

  3. Excellent shots of the bighorns, Mary! I’ve never seen them that young before. :)

  4. Never be shy sharing your fabulous photos!

    These were amazing! I have never once seen the bighorn in real life! One day someday! So glad to see yours!

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