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Black and white close-ups — 19 Comments

  1. Actually those are some striking black and white images.
    Have a lovely long weekend and we hope you have good weather for it.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Going through old stuff is fun, but since Mom moved over the ocean twice in the past 20 years, we don’t have much old stuff. Torrey is awesome for b/w pics. Still loving your new design btw.

  3. Great pics.

    And Torrey looks awesome all ways – color, black and white, close up, far away…she’s a super model of the dog world!

  4. At the first look I thought it’s one of the Titanic artefacts, that’s an interesting photo and while looking at it we all have different imaginations what it was once. Great idea, Bravo! Have a great sunday!

  5. Great photos, Mary. The shapes in the table legs are interesting…almost looks like an unfinished fleur du lis (sorry if I spelled it wrong). Happy Memorial Day.

  6. Very cool close ups! Torrey’s close up is very pretty.

    Also, I love your blog’s new look! Super pretty and fresh and fun. :)

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