Bleu Horses of Three Forks Montana — 24 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, if only you could see my face….if only you could hear the tone of my HEART. You know how I feel about your photography, but I have to say that for ME, these are my favorites. Well ya know me…I am a hippophile, and any horse art just captures me, and your photos of these magnificent steel beasts are THE BEST. I went to their site and their photos are nice, but YOU had drama into your captures. Awesome work, and yes, taking scores of photos especially in a place you may never see again is a GOOD idea. Lovely. Just magnificent. Anita

    • Anita, you would have loved this. especially the evening we went back and the wind was making their heads move, and manes sway. It was awesome. And thanks so much for the wonderful compliments on the photos. It was a very fun subject to shoot.

  2. What amazing art! I love that photo with the sun shining through. I have been offline remodeling the lake house. But read your posts. The boo docking go bad struck a cord with me… When I was little we boo docked and was on a nest of rattlesnakes. I will never forget that!
    But thank you so much for sharing this art… And your photos made it even more beautiful!
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  3. What awesome sculptures! I absolutely love them as well as your photos. What a wonderful thing for the sculptor to do, what a heartfelt gift and tribute to these beautiful animals. The idea of the flowing manes and moveable heads is brilliant. I’m awestruck. The last photo really gives us a good feel for the overall installment, it really does look like a real herd!
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    • I was awestruck too, walking among them was just awesome. And the sculptor was incredibly generous. So much time involved with these.

  4. Oh I would imagine that under various weather conditions, these sculptures come alive! I’d love to see their rope manes gesticulate in the wind!!!!

  5. WOW!!! I’ve never seen anything like that, even in photos, before now. Your photos of these sculptures are awesome beyond words! I’d venture to guess you’ve finally found something that has made this roadtrip worthwhile up to this point. Maybe it has even given you a new appreciation for Montana?

  6. lovely beautiful spiritual are just a few of the words that come to mind.
    there was one photo that was a side view with the horses head turned toward the camera. it’s eye seem to hold such depth and realism. it caught up my breath.
    how i envy your walk among them.
    thank you so much for the gift of sharing them.

    • Comments like this make my day. I’m so glad when my readers experience what I did when photographing something. Thanks for visiting, and commenting.

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