Bret Michaels dog clothes giveaway — 18 Comments

  1. Snoopy would rock this hoodie because he is the coolest Chihauhau in the world! At least that’s what his family thinks… :)

  2. Bentley would rock this hoodie with pride because it’s in his nature! The funny thing is his dad and I jokingly call him “Bentley Badass” due to his alpha male personality and sometimes bad behavior.

  3. Simba would rock this hoodie because he loves to wear clothes! He rocks everything he’s in…always! He’s such the puppy model :) He loves wearing clothes just as much as I love putting them on him.
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  4. Oh my goodnesd Roxy! You are ADORABLE! I especially love the tattoo sleeves! I think my little pup, Sophia Loren would look great in this outfit. Since her fur is still growing back from when she had her surgery, the sleeves will cover up where they out the IV on her front paw and she can look as amazing as you!

  5. Very cool Roxy! My Chihuahua, Ella, would Rock that Hoodie too. She is 5 lbs and while she thinks she is super tough she really is a tiny sweetheart. This would totally suit her and she would look great in it : )

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