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Buckskin Gulch hike — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Roxy,

    I’m thinking you would have loved it in the pools? Tee hee I always have the mischief ideas :)

    Your humans are taking great pics,

    Sounds like so much fun,

    Woofs from Snoopy :)

  2. Hi Roxy: When you mentioned the feeling of being grounded while walking barefoot, you are right on. This important concept has received some notice and showed up in one product for grounding your bed (I have nothing to do with this company–just saw it at a health fair at work). http://www.andnetworks.com/earthing/FAQs/faqs.html

    The science behind this is so interesting and something that makes you nod…of course it works this way! Duh! Putting you feet in the sand on the beach feels like being plugged directly into earth energy and now I know why. Enjoy! Peggy

  3. We have always wanted to go there and hike through the slot canyons. If we ever get thar far we are usually distracted by the mountian biking in Moab though :) The weather there looks much better than it does here in the Canadian Rockies.

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