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Buzz guard review — 28 Comments

  1. Interesting. My sister has problems with mosquitoes biting her around the eyes, it makes Mom so mad! They also love to feast on Mom. I am not bothered by much, just ticks sometimes hitch a ride since I am short and furry but I have my tick protection. Maybe this stuff would work on Katie’s face. We will check it out.

  2. Is it safe to put on their face (obviously rubbed on, not sprayed)? And, does it make their coat sticky, or affect it any other way? The mosquitoes are terrible here, and they love my poor Shiloh’s face. He’s on heartworm prevention so I know he’s safe, but he gets huge bumps all around his eyes and snout and I know it must not be comfortable. Someone gave me another product to try, but it left his coat stiff and sticky (like hairspray) and not only do I not like that, but I wouldn’t trust putting it on his face. Buzz Guard sounds great, I’ll have to find some. (the bugs don’t bother my other dog as much… funny how that seems to be a common phenomenon. Wonder what it is that attracts/repels the bugs to particular dogs…)

    • It doesn’t make the coat sticky, but I wouldn’t put it really close to the eye. Maybe if you rubbed it onto the top of her head, and of course the ear and neck area. That might be close enough to the eyes to keep the little pests away.

  3. That’s sounds great! It always ticks me off when the bugs bite. Poor Sugar our horse gets annoyed at those pesky bugs buzzing around her and her tail can’t swat them on her head. I will have to try this product. Also I bet it will be safe for Lucy her goat companion.

  4. Oh Wow!
    That sounds like great stuff! We shall has to check out their website! Mommy has been looking for something like that!

  5. I always like to find the natural choices for bug relief. I’ve bookmarked them for future use. Thanks for the review!

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Roxy! We are always looking for all natural products (and we see it’s made in the USA too), and it’s good to know what really works and what doesn’t!

  7. I have the Travel Calm from the same company, Earth Heart, and it works great for Maya in the car. I’ve been meaning to try out the Buzz Guard, but haven’t had a chance yet. I love the list of natural ingredients.

  8. That buzz guard sounds good, does it protect against ticks and fleas too or just flies and mossies?

    Have a fun day

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Hmmm….I might have to look into this. I never needed to put bug spray on the dogs but the bugs seem to be bad this year. At both lakes we hiked to this year there were mosquitoes landing on Chester and Gretel and I was afraid they were biting them. I don’t mess around myself – I use DEET – but I don’t really want to put that on the them.

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