Dogobie Dog Disk — 25 Comments

  1. these are wonderful products. My dogs had the zuke’s chicken fillets and loved them. They have wholesome ingredients. Exercise is good for the pet owners to so this is a great toy for both. Would love to win these products for myslef so I can play with them with my two doggie kids.

  2. I am trying to be a more fit dog. I am on a diet and trying to exercise more. I am a few pounds overweight. I love to play fetch so I would love to win the flying disk!!! – Coco Chanel Bella

  3. Not so fit as I probably could be but I\’m 11.5 now and so mum says it\’s okay if I\’m a bit lazy and sleep a lot. She takes me for walks most days though, which is nice… except that she seems to want me to run around a baseball field first some days. Am getting too old for that I think, but she doesn\’t seem to agree.

  4. Rachel had a fitness routine this morning during her obedience class where she was rewarded with Zuke Power Bones PB for the 1st time – she loved them!

  5. Torrey looks like she had fun :) I like that the disk is soft. Ella would love this! Ella is very fit and active. Luckily she has her sister, Diamond, to play with because she has lots of energy.

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