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Flexi leash review — 3 Comments

  1. very nice! Our new Olly girlie has a leash that has a rubber gripper for a handle that slides up and down on the leash so I can shorten it if I need her closer. Since she is a puppy this works well.

  2. I am glad you brought up the issue of some people using them improperly. Like you, that is mostly what I see. Used properly they can be a great tool. I used to use one on Chester for years. Admittedly, I used it improperly…like letting Chester wander up to to other dogs uninvited and not paying attention to where he was walking or going. I almost made a guy on a bike crash once (they can’t see the extended leash). It became really hard to manage with two dogs so now I use static leashes.

    In Washington State you are not allowed to use them on hiking trails….just FYI.

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