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  1. It’s great to read about your visiting fox. Wow! I hope you might come back from Yuma and share your water bowl some more.

    On another different note, my mom dreamed about Roxy all night last night! In the dream, we were taking care of Roxy for you for a little bit, and Roxy didn’t have any aches and pains and was scampering and cuddling. Wild, eh?

    Tootsie (and Mom)
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  2. Well Foxy Roxy story was cute with pics and everything. I bet people have domesticated the little guy. I heard a story about how Yuma got its name. A fellow was going to be hung and right before he died they asked if he had a final word or words to say and he said. ” You ma… then died

  3. Aww!!! How cute is that! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a fox that close up before. On
    Y ever driving by and saw them running beside the road and things like that.
    Great hop your in to! I can’t link up though, I am co hosting with Ruckus the Eskie for thoughtless Thursday.
    Love your post :)
    ((Husky hugz frum da pack))
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  4. That’s pretty dang cool. We had (haven’t seen it in a while) a fox around our place, but that little guy was super fast. Maybe because we are in a much more populated area? Anyway I saw him a couple of times but most of my photos were just blurs. I wonder at his confidence to approach an inhabited spot? Especially during the day?

    Make sure you and Roxy stay close to Mom and Dad, you wouldn’t want to tangle with a fox!

    Thanks for joining Thursday Barks and Bytes, it’s fun to have you along.
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  5. I love your little gray fox! What a cutie. Too bad that you have to say good-bye to him.

    We once camped in a spot where a gray fox pooped on our camp stove every night (when it was close and sealed). I wished I had brought a trail cam so that I could’ve gotten a photo of the culprit!

    Have fun in Yuma!
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