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  1. you lucky dogs you! Hey I have sad news………….One of Bells kittens got killed yesterday. It was the one who looked like her, RIP Izzy. It went under the fence into the yard and Reggie grabbed it and tossed it like it was a toy. Also the other night both Reggie and Ollie were barking at the skunk family that moved into the ditch out front. They wandered up to the back yard late around 4am and started barking at Mrs Skunk. I got up and looked out my bedroom window to see her spray them good! They yelped and scooted on the grass. We had just bathed and groomed them a couple days earlier.! No good deed goes unpunished I guess.

  2. We love the view of the mountains in the background except for the white stuff on them. Whenever we go to the Sierra Mountains, there is almost always white stuff there and the Poodles won’t get out of the car to get their paws cold.
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  3. Hey Roxy. From the looks of it you are having a great trip. That place looks so pretty and so much open space – great for running around. I bet there are some pretty interesting critters to investigate too. Thanks for joining our Hop – looking forward to more pics from your trip!
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  4. What an awesome view of green and the mountains in the background. Love the little stream and all the grass to run through. Looks like a wonderful time for everyone.

    Love the photos.
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  5. What a wonderful place! I don’t know what my favorite would be….the breathtaking mountains off in the distance, the river right outside the trailer, or all the quiet dirt roads to walk on. And of course you and Torrey look adorable, and the photos are all beautiful….love the special effect on the last one.
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