From Clicking to Creating — 11 Comments

  1. Negative space is a lot of fun. Never knew it had its own name. The dog butts are adorable. Mom is a big fan of seeing cute little doggy behinds.

  2. Oh, that hummingbird, Mary! I have such a long way to go before my clicks become a true creation. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful set of photos, these are excellent examples of negative space. So glad I get to learn how and why. :)
    Thank you, Mary!

  4. You had so many great shots, no wonder you had trouble choosing! I love shots with walking paths, they always give me the feeling there is someplace new to go and explore. I didn’t know about negative space, that’s definitely something I’d like to play around with!

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  6. Love all your choices! I too vote for the cute dog butts. I was beginning to think I would not find my footpath photo this week, but then just this morning came up with one I like, finally. It really does pay to keep your camera close by at all times.
    I thought you might like to see my little Oreo being the dog-Mom you are.

    • Ok…first…Oreo is absolutely adorable. What a fluff ball! How is he doing after your health scare? And your footpath photo is perfect. That looks like a nice little path.

      • He is on a day to day quality of life watch. We are trying to give him the best last days of his life, steak, grilled chicken, truck rides, the most expensive treats!

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