From Clicking to Creating — 11 Comments

  1. WOW. You have captured the layers of life in the rock, while Al has created his own life coming forth. You two are amazing. And talk about creating vs clicking, I had the best time yesterday. I finally got a chance to have a model to work with and we had a blast. I will be sharing my photo shoot soon, but basically, I reinvented one of Vermeer’s masterpieces, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.” All it took was a few scraps of gold and blue cloth, one of my pearl earrings, a perfect small window in my otherwise dark greatroom, and a willing and lovely girl.

  2. I enjoy your photography lessons so much. Leading lines is something I need to work on. Here in the southwest, when headed into the back country, I always have roads for eyes to follow in pictures. But now I will look for them in nature. Thank You!!

  3. Love that third one. A lot. I had an image I took in Maine that was similar, similar linear rocks leading, in my case, to a lighthouse. One of my favorite shots. Love your leading lines!

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  5. I am loving ALL your photos from Valley of Fire state park! Wonderful! I was not so inspired with the “Broken” challenge this week. I finally decided just to practice using eggs and a broken shell. By the time the thought came that it would be fun to see how the shot looked using a prop of a metal rooster from the garden in the background we had eaten the eggs! Haha. Ah well, I did get some practice.

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