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  1. It’s funny, when you get started photographing things, you figure everything is the same, but as you get into it, you realize what you have a passion for and are really good at. Mom does real estate photos for some realtors, but hates it and isn’t happy with the work. She’s tried people, but not really her thing. She loves nature and animals and does much better with that. Your nieces are adorable, but the animals in nature just seem so natural. Maybe that is the key.
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  2. The portrait of your nieces is great. I struggle with lighting for indoor photography sometimes. I think the issue is that we get so much direct sunlight through our windows and glare or shadows can be such a problem. Outdoors is so much better!

  3. It’s a strong portrait you have captured. I love the look of your two nieces. And of course the soft light. I tend to use natural light as much as possible, too. And even classical painters used natural light from windows, particularly windows facing north. :-)
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  4. I’m similar to you when it comes to portraits. For me, it even goes a step further, where I feel uncomfortable pointing a lens at people. But, if you’re a photographer, people end up asking you to do “events” for them. As long as they understand that I’m a total amateur at people photos, I do them, and it usually turns out better than I expect.

    Your portrait is great because it’s so real. I can see the personalities of your nieces shining through. I love the natural light! You have inspired me. I am going to ask to take photos of my nephews together the next time we’re all together!
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    • I could never photograph someone I didn’t know. I don’t know how people do it. I have done family photos a couple times, and they turned out pretty good. I always give the disclaimer I am not a people photographer though.

  5. The portrait of your nieces is wonderful! You don’t give yourself enough credit on this one. 😉

    I take my photos – mostly – with my phone. Some are candid people photos, some are silly posed photos of my hubby or selfies. Most of my photos though are of Shadow and Ducky. I have some really good photos of Callie and Kissy (my angels), but nowhere near enough; so, when I got this iPhone I decided I was going to get as many candid (and posed) shots of Shadow and Ducky as I possibly can.

    Last night I downloaded Photoshop Express to my phone. I played with it a little bit; but it was late so I didn’t spend much time with it. I’m wondering if I should also download Lightroom CC? What do you think? They’re both free from the App Store.
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