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  1. I can’t wait to try the panorama feature! Thank you for that tidbit. I am challenging myself to create the photo during the week of the challenge since my class is structured that way. So this week’s “Morning” shot is:
    If I wasn’t challenging myself in that way, I would likely have used this photo I took Dec 24th when I knew very little about my camera, etc yet. A fun accident, haha.
    I’m learning by leaps and bounds, a very good feeling. Thanks in no small part by the images and techniques you share, Mary.

  2. I love your panorama. I didn’t know that LR could do it! I use PS. I’ll try your new way – it looks easier! I’m still back on LR 6, and I’m not sure if it does it. We have a limited bandwidth internet connection so I’m not eager to use the version of LR that is online.

    I am still struggling with the Dogwood one. I like both of yours a lot – the palm one is my fave of the two. I got a photo of windblown snow that looks a lot like your sand one. Like you felt about yours, however, I’m not super excited about mine. I’m hoping that a new idea will strike me (soon)!
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