Giveaway-$50 gift card for My Favorite Pet Shop — 15 Comments

  1. “NOW THIS IS A GREAT GIVAWAY!” Hey Roxy and Torrey tell Mom THANKS!!!for posting this offer. Even the “30%” off on all these products is great! If I won the gift card I think I would spend it on my cats..hummmmmmmmmm.maybe some on the dogs.
    OXOX Have a Pawsome day

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  3. Hey roxy, can we join too? We’d love to give it to one of our bloggy friends if we get lucky. Please pretty please.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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  6. Hello Roxy! We are so into this giveaway, Entered all the options we could on Rafflecopter. When we tried to do the pintrest one, it gave us a “404” error. But we just searched for it on Pintrest and followed that way.

    This MyFavoritePetshop is so cute! we love the huge selection of Pet beds (of all sizes). If we won, we’d probably get Bender and our new dog Pepper Willow matching beds or matching walking gear. We’re so into getting the dogs to bond together, and getting something special that both of them can use helps that process!

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