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We got a new logo on our house — 36 Comments

  1. It looks great! Do y’all also have a fixed house, or just the mobile one?

    We’re thinking of going to the Bigfoot Festival in southern Oklahoma in a couple of weekends. I’ll post photos if we do, let you know what it’s like. :)

  2. You have a new home, how lovely! I’ve always wondered how we’d fit into a motor home. Probably Georgia would take up most of the space and we’d be the afterthought.

    Have a great day! X

  3. Very cool! I have thought of putting my author site on my car… but then I worry that folks who don’t like my…um, lets say “defensive” driving skills will send me mean emails. (I should probably just slow down a little…) :)

  4. Awesome! So you designed it and ordered it all online? How convenient. How hard was it to put on the window yourself? Was it less expensive than going to a sign shop?

    • The banner I had on the old RV was the same as this one. I ordered it from a sign shop and the cost was about the same. I liked Build a sign better though because they offered more color options, and they shipped it to me. They are a little tricky to put on. Make sure where you want it before you get started, then just apply it with a credit card or something.

  5. That looks great! I like the vinyl lettering. We have a bumper sticker on our dog trailer with blog info. I wanted a magnet until it dawned on me that it would not stick to the stainless. doh!

  6. That is perfect Roxy! Momz needs to get one of those for my Jeep…Build-A-Sign is a great company and super easy to work with…We recommend them to anyone looking for custom products

  7. I love your sign!!!! We have a SportsMobile for camping, and we like to call it the “LabMobile”. I think I see a sign in our future! Thanks for the tip.

  8. I love it! I’d be super excited to be behind your RV.. You might catch me honking and waving for you to pull over so I could meet you. ;-D

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