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It followed us here!! — 28 Comments

  1. We got snow yesterday and today we have bitter cold, going below zero by the end of the day. Bailie is having problems with not knowing where to go to the bathroom since the grass is gone and now her fur is not yet thick enough, so she can’t be out long. It will all fix itself in time. Hope you warm up since you aren’t supposed to have that weather.

  2. Oh no! I bet Arizona is looking even better now! I would have thought a long haired girl like you would love the snow, Torrey. :) Poor Roxy…this is our Sheba’s first winter with arthritis and I wonder how much it’s going to bother her. She loves being outdoors even when it’s cold but we might have to keep her in more. I hope it warms up for you soon!

  3. bummers…I hope Az. isn’t cold. Its minus 8 degrees here this morning. So cold our thermonitor broke,. We let the doggies in and they were grateful. Poor little pixie Roxy! Those little thin legs in the cold. You need leg warmers. Hugs and warm thoughts for a good day

  4. We don’t get snow very often in the DC area. Some winters we get none or just a tiny bit, and then every few years it decides to really dump on us. One such winter we decided to head to our condo in Myrtle Beach, SC in February to escape the cold/snow. While we weren’t expecting beach weather, we were hoping for 50s. Well the further south we got, the harder it snowed! We actually had to get a hotel room about 2 hours before MB as the roads were that bad. We got to the beach early the next morning, and while the snow wasn’t deep, it was covering the grass. I have photos of palm trees covered in snow. Here’s my post:


  5. Oh, that looks cold (but oh so pretty! ). I’d curl up on the sofa too! Supposedly we will get “heavy rain” on Saturday so it might be curl up on the sofa weather here too!

  6. Yes we can see, that snow is cold and wet. Though it is a little bit fun to see how Roxy react compared to the huskys (Jenna,Mark).

  7. Darn! And you were trying so hard to get away from it. Looks fun, though. I can’t wait until it snows here. We had a light dusting last night, but nothing worth romping around in.

  8. Torrey believe it or not, I don’t love the snow much either. Just the first snow. After that, forget about it! You would think with all of our fur that you and I would love it! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. Oh, poor babies! I hope it warms up soon! My Aussie babies LOVE snow. They’ve been out in the ice a million times today. It’s raining tiny ice pellets here. :(

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