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It’s been a busy weekend — 27 Comments

  1. BOL!!!!!! WOW! Roxy!!!!!! You sound just hilarious!!!!!!
    I have only ever heard pugs make that noise! haha! That was a great little video!
    I absolutely love what you have done with your header (banner) It just suits you and this blog SO much! Especially the cactus!
    xx husky hugz

  2. I didn’t know Roxy could talk – what a talent. Can you interpret? You’ve been busy, I hope you can relax today. The new site & banner all look great too – nice job.

  3. oh, her little chatter is adorable! :) today i had a little difficulty getting your blog to load and had to try a couple of times. but i’m happy to say, your comments are coming through to me and not spamming. :)

  4. What a cute video, I understand every word (but I don’t tell it to my staff). I un spammed you or is that called de spamming? and it works now. Have a good memorial monday

  5. Her talking set my cat sis Sophie running away! Changing up a blog is never as easy as one thinks but in the end it all works out and you are glad you did it. I unspammed you on our blog. I will keep checking the spam folder in case you land there again. Happy Memorial Day.

  6. oh my!! She sounds like a little munchkin! Love it! Thanks for the heads-up about your comments falling into spam. Hopefully I fixed that this morning.

  7. Such a great video! I think I said this before, but everything on your site looks fantastic. Congrats on the move :)

  8. Hey Guys

    I love your new site!! The header is really cool – thanks for telling me about the spam problem, that’s exactly where you were on my site – doh! Mum’s in charge of checking and she’s been crazy busy, so had been slacking and didn’t find you….. I need a better assistant! :)

    Loving your talking Roxy, so cute! I like to talk too, I usually talk when Dad’s going off to work, I usher him out, I think Mum will video me one day, I don’t sound like you, you’re unique! :)

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Love the new site … very nice. Roxy sounds so cute … that’s quite a growl. Hope everyone there had a wonderful holiday weekend :)

  10. Cute video. I am getting posts on Bloglovin from both the new and old blogs. Identical so I think it is safe to unsubscribe to the old so I only receive one set. Moving blogs is a lot of work, so I think you did very well!

  11. Those noises are so funny and so cute!! I think your first comment to me after your changeover went into my spam, but after that they were fine. I had added a new spam filter too so at the time I thought that was why!
    It’s good to see Roxy running! Are you still looking for a joint supplement for her? Is it shellfish she’s allergic to? I was looking for one for my cat and may have run across one that has no shellfish. Email me at jank at wagnwoofpets dot com if you are and I can give you the name.

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