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Our last few days in Arizona — 29 Comments

  1. Mom has been to Jerome. She says it is a strange place. She is also a huge Brady Bunch fan and says it reminds her of their trip to a ghost town. Love that bright colored whirly bird thing!

  2. we have read about these towns in my Arizona Hyway Magazine. Saw a little bit of Sadona when we were doing an art show in scottsdale. All good things have to end I guess but you will return. It will be good to see you again and hear of your adventures over “refreshments”

  3. Great photos – Jerome looks like a really cool place!
    I definitely want to go to Sedona one day – the pictures and the stories make it sound really interesting.

  4. I agree with everyone else- your desert photos will be missed. But I agree with you about the mountains! So I look forward to those photos too.

  5. I will miss your desert photos, but look forward to the mountains. I imagine the fun thing about traveling as you do is finding new places to fall in love with. The flip side is leaving places you’ve fallen in love with.

    So clarify one thing please. Is the wishing well the toilet? LOL

  6. Love all those spots! Will miss your photos. Don’t really have an excuse to go over to Prescott anymore now that my mom moved back to California. Will have to go just for fun sometime soon.

  7. It looks like an amazing time. I’m glad you get to spend part of your year in so many places that you love. I’d like to be an art gypsy when I grow up. :)

  8. I love reading your blogs! Our travel plans are constantly getting put on hold, but someday…. I visited Jerome quite a long time ago, and you are right – funky and quirky and a must see for anyone show has missed it. Of course, I loved because it was so odd.

  9. Beautiful photos. We have friends who live in Sedona and we just love it there too – so pretty and peaceful. Hope you have safe travels.

  10. What a nifty little old mining town. We love places like that. The photos of the moon rise are beautiful. I do like the colors a lot.
    Gina and Oz

  11. What great shots of Sedona. We’ve never been there but it is on our possibilities list. We have been to Utah and love it. Looking forward to seeing your photos from that pretty place.

  12. Hi Mary, No…we aren’t on the road yet. Soon though. We were VERY lucky to be able to get the RV out of the backyard…it took us two full days of shoveling to get the snow out of the way so we could back it out! It is SO cold here…in the teens. Packing the RV when it is so cold is not fun. We are slowly getting ready, but it is not easy. I honestly cannot wait to BE there!! Glad to hear you are enjoying your travels!! As I told you, I would LOVE to see Sedona. The art there is just unbelievable from what I have read. Happy Trails to you!!

  13. Wow your pictures sure to tell a tale of history. I would like to make a trip to Arizona but my main reason would be to watch the Mariners spring training games and get some sun, Ted

  14. I remember Jerome! When we went, there was this great donkey there that liked to pose with everyone. Long time ago… 2000 as I recall. Sedona is filled with amazing art! You’ll have to tell us more about Utah and why you won’t have places to walk. I must admit to wondering where your husband does his sculpting… there can’t possibly be enough room in your home on wheels, is there?
    Those are absolutely beautiful photos. The one with the sun’s rays took my heart.

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