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  1. When we go on walks I always bring my keys, poop bags, and my phone. Sometimes, if it’s a longer walk, we’ll bring some treats and water. We would love the Leash Mate, especially in the summer when you don’t have as many pockets to store things in! :)

  2. I would use this during my foundation agility training class, to stuff a small toy and treats into! Thanks for the give-away!

  3. My dogs won’t “go” anywhere other than their own yard. It was a huge problem when we moved…..but they both figured it out. So, I just carry my keys until the chihuahua is tired. When she is done walking, she just lays down and won’t move. :)

    • Hi Dawn, the bag has room for filled pooh bags, depending of course on how much. And no, it doesn’t swing back and forth because you are holding it by the handle in your hand.I like that part about it.

  4. Let’s see, what do I carry when I walk Sonny? 1.) Pepper spray! More so for other dogs, than people. People in my neighborhood don’t seem to understand that not all dogs enjoy being jumped by an overzealous dog when they go for a walk. 2.) A poop bag and a bag to hold the full poop bag (I use the long newspaper bags, because they can be tied around the leash when full). 3.) Cellphone- you never know when an emergency may arise!

      • I thankfully haven’t had to use it but I’ve been approached by 5 loose dogs in the past week, one of them repeatedly jumped on my dog and another aggressively approached me (didn’t even care I had a dog, it was after me!). :/ It’s sad but there are leash laws for a reason!

  5. I carry: Pepper Spray, doggy bags, car keys, and a cell phone! Sometimes Kleenex too…

  6. I carry keys to the house, my cell phone, doggie bags, and a pair of tweezers. (They are handy for pulling out ticks). I also carry water in the summer for my dog.

  7. Well, Spring is well under way here in Texas (could easily be confused with Summer), and we are loving our walks! Mom takes a water bottle, and my cup. She also takes treats, and keys. She takes her camera too, but since it’s a big professional type camera, it wont fit in that bag!
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  8. Hi Y’all,

    That’s a neat idea.

    Since I don’t usually wear a leash unless I’m taking a break at a rest stop or somewhere. My Human uses a fanny pack on her hip when it’s too warm for a coat or jacket. If we’re hiking in an area that requires me to wear a leash she loads me down with a back pack with my water and a collapsible bowl.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
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  9. I carry my keys, poopy bags, and a water bottle (which I hate to carry because of it’s weight!) Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  10. Usually carry keys, bones, baggies and maybe water, depending on the weather. A light, too, if it’s dark.

  11. Very cool! In the summer my pant pockets are so bulgy with things it looks awful LOL. I carry keys, poop bags, training treats in a ziplock and a few toys, pepper spray and wipes. This would be great!

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