Mountain man rendezvous, fun times

Well, first of all…..we are glad to be back in blogville. Between mom and dad being crazy busy for 4 days, not very good internet coverage, and the computer taking a dive, we kinda dropped out for a while. Mom said it was a nice break though. Me, I have stuff to say and no fingers to type with. I know today is normally Torrey’s day, but we are going to play catch up. 
In response to some of the comments on our last post about rendezvous, we are going to answer some questions, and give a little history.  
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 These are some pretty typical looking people at rendezvous. Everyone dresses in primitive clothing that would have been worn by the fur trappers of the 1840’s.
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Lots of people add their own personal touches to what they wear. 
The fur trappers of the 1840’s lived a mostly solitary life in the mountains. They trapped beaver for their hides, and hunted for their dinner. They learned quickly from the Native Americans that buckskin clothing was cool in summer, and warm in winter, and adopted this for themselves. They frequently traded with the Native Americans for hides and pelts. Once a year the trappers would meet for rendezvous. There are several sites in the west that held at least one yearly rendezvous. They would gather for about a month and trade, party, and meet up with old friends. 
Modern rendezvous only last from 2-10 days. Lots of people put up a canvas lodge, or tipi to live in. They will do everything in a primitive way. There are numerous rendezvous’ around the country, pretty much all year round, but more so in the summer months.
The funnest part about rendezvous, next to meeting up with our friends, is the competitions. Black powder muzzle loader rifle and pistol shoots are a big draw.
black powder,muzzle loader shooting, mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Torrey and I stay home for this part.
Our club has a booshway shoot. Since dad was the booshway this year, he had to think of something fun. So he had everyone shoot sling shots for the last 4 shots. 
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Everyone had a great laugh at this, and a fun time. 
Hawk, or tomahawk, and knife throwing is another favorite. The kids especially like knife and hawk because it’s one competition anyone can do. 
utah state knife and hawk competition,mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Last year our club started the Utah state knife and hawk competition. That’s pretty fun to watch. 
utah state knife and hawk.mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Primitive archery is mom and dads favorite thing to compete in. They are good shots, and have a ton of fun. 
primitive archery, mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 At the end of the weekend there is council fire. Our club does a naming ceremony. Most people get their mountain man name from doing something stupid at rendezvous, some just are given a name that suits them. Mom gave my human brother his mountain man name this past weekend. His name is Her son, because a year ago someone asked him who he was and he pointed at mom and said her son. He did that twice, so the name stuck. 
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Then prizes are given out for the competitions. Here is dad again, being the booshway.
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Giving Hatchet Ass his prize for the Utah state hawk and knife. 
  mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Even the little kids win prizes.
mountain man rendezvous,fun times
 Isn’t he a cutie, he picked a wood snake. 
Well, I hope that kind of explains what we do at rendezvous. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will answer them. We are at another rendezvous that starts tomorrow, so I should have some more fun stories or pictures. 




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  1. So interesting! I\’ve been to Civil War re-enactments and a Renaissance Fair but never a rendezvous. I need to go to one because Fulton County, just south of us, has a big rendezvous site. Where does the term booshway come from? Holy cow! You get your name by something you do at rendezvous? How did Hatchet Ass get his name!?!

    • You would like it I’m sure, such wonderful, and colorful people. I think the term booshway is french. Not sure. Hatchet Ass actually got his name from his mom when he was a baby because he had no butt. He kinda gave himself the name when he started going to rendezvous.

  2. These are great times! Good to know our history. Roxy and Torrey FYI: Reggie and Ollie were fighting this morning and Ollie has a bloody toe. What should I put on it? Should I just let her lick it? We are packing up the trailer today. See you soon. Aunt Mary

  3. I am SO JEALOUS. This looks like great fun. I do think it’s funny that these events revolve around a period in history which was so brief. And I LOVE the slingshot idea! Brilliant.
    Flea recently posted…Making Dogs SmileMy Profile

    • It’s true, the fur trade era was a short period of time. I guess it’s no different than the civil war guys. You need to go to a rendezvous, I know you would love it.

  4. Hi Roxy
    That looks so interesting. Love the old fashioned costumes. You asked about the mini-me’s? The cost of the mini-me’s are £13 pounds each plus postage or £15 pounds for a Greyhouds. If you would like to email us (email on our sidebar) we can have a chat about one.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! I like primitive camping and wouldn’t mind learning a little archery or knife throwing. I think my dad may have been part of a rendezvous or some other group at one time. I know he has a buckskin clothing and an old fashioned muzzle loading rifle.
    Dawn recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Strange SpringMy Profile

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  7. Many moons ago I went to a similar event only it was celebrating the Native American way of life. there were teepees and fires, bead and leather works, it was a very fun time, except for me stepping on a yellow jacket nest in my bare feet. :-(
    Jodi recently posted…Stinky and NeedyMy Profile

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