A new bed for me — 42 Comments

  1. I bet a new bed will help Roxy’s back! I got a new one for me, and it made a HUGE difference for my back. A quality mattress is a great investment.

    BTW, did my reply about treating Dylan’s back issues reach you?
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  2. Looks like a great comfy bed to help your back; but it looks like in the last picture that Torrey would like one to. Looks like she is saying,:Wheres mine?”

  3. When we get older I think it is impawent that we get a comfy bed that supports are joints. I have noticed that since I got my bed that I have not been waking up stiff or limping. I hope your new bed brings you the comfort and support you need to make your back feel better just like mine has brought me.
    Happy Monday!
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  4. Oh Roxy! I’m so excited for you! My babies are nearly 12 and I never think about their backs. Flash sleeps next to me on the couch, now, when I’m working, but I don’t think that’s about his back. Hmm. I might need to look at dog beds for the babies.
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  5. Those beds rock! Our dogs have two of them – left behind by departed sick or elderly dogs – so now our youngsters get to enjoy them!

    I’m so glad that you got one, Roxy!
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  6. My little boy, a small cocker named Harvey, was having a terrible time with his back last year. I ordered the wiggleless vest online because someone recommended it. I made him wear it 24/7 for the few weeks and it really gave him the support he needed. Now he only needs it once in a while when he has overdone it. But after seeing how it helped my little Harvey I would recommend it to others too.

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