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The perfect model — 33 Comments

  1. She makes a great living display model. They would be like a blanket on you Roxy! Very pretty…we could never wear such nice things since we enjoy getting in all the dirt and mud too much and that would be a shame for beautiful necklaces like these.

  2. Beautiful! The doggie necklaces show up so well against Toreey’s gorgeous fur :-)

  3. Beautiful! I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but maybe in the first photo, the one all the way to the right. They are all so pretty!

  4. BOW WOW! Your bead work on the collars is intense! Very nice Mary. Yes you do have the perfect model.

  5. So well modelled! I like all the different colours and patterns.
    I’m so impressed when others are crafty – that is not a skill I possess.
    Hopefully modelling pays handsomely (in food!)!

  6. They do look great on Torrey, a beautiful and obviously patient model! Well done on such creative designs. Here in South Africa we have a lot of bead work but I’ve never seen any collars.

  7. GREAT job modelling all those beautiful pieces! I can’t decide which ones I love most!

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