Photo challenge-Shadowed and Joyful — 28 Comments

  1. My goodness, not only are the shadows impressive, but your sweet dog….you must have to not only wait for the right moment to catch such a natural pose, but with animals, you must also have to have your camera on a good setting as to catch them before they run off! Never do you have a blurred image of the dogs in motion; you capture their nature, their beauty like in a painting for which they had to hold still. LOVELY MARY! Oh, and thank you for your comment. HUGS Anita

  2. The happiness and joy in Torrey’s face is definitely contagious and always present in every photo you put up. Love the shadow photos, I always feel there’s something very expressive in shadowplay; it creates a mood all its own. I’d never know Al just took up painting, his work looks like that of a very experienced painter. He has a great gift, and I love how his style speaks of his love for the art. Beautiful, beautiful work.
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  3. So is painting a new discipline for Al? If so, it’s really cool to see him creating art in addition to his wonderful sculptures.

    As for shadows, I can’t remember the last time I saw one. It’s so freaking cloudy hear. And that has an effect on our joy as well.
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  4. Shadows are mysterious, cacti are strange like from another planet. You captured them nicely in thier surreal form with shadows and joy. Torrey of course is picking up on all this Earth energy so it makes her joyful. She is a fashion statement for the outdoors. Al is really taken off we can see with his painting. his eyes reflect what he sees and it shows in his paintings. The cans are very interesting and well done. I love the contrast of the Raven. The trees and the rock one with their colurs are just wonderful also.

  5. I love paintings of the unusual like the pile of old cans. Very imaginative. Do you have a secret for keeping a dog from being just a blur of activity when the camera comes out?

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