Photos on a Friday — 30 Comments

  1. Now that quote is what I need to hear. Yes it is. Now that I stopped posting (but continuing to visit my favorite blogs), I have lost so many “friends” in email. But, my decision was made because I needed time. And now I have it. The next step is to persevere in my goals and take that time to read more and write. A perfect message for a perfect day, Mary…and your choice to make that photo in black and white brings out the true beauty of this place. I guess I can liken my decision to stop blogging to this; I’ve made my “blogging” writing life black and white now….dark, colorless, but I hope just as STUNNING as I venture out into the unknown of writing.

    THANK YOU. You always get it so right for ME. (the dogs are sweet!!!) Anita

    • Anita, I am glad I was able to send out the right message, at the right time. I can see how quitting blogging would affect the virtual friends we make. Personally, I would miss it too much to quit. But I don’t have other writing goals such as yours. (I can’t wait to see your poetry)
      Someday, somewhere, you and I will meet. And it will be like old friends meeting again.

      • Hello sweet Mary…yes, your photo and technique did it for me today. Oh this life, it is SO full of wonderful metaphors and visual pleasures that rock my SOUL! Yes, someday, we will all meet. PEACE in the desert! Anita

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  3. Wonderful transformation, Mary! The distant snow-capped mountains standing out against that formidable looking sky – beautiful in black and white.

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