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Please vote for Torrey — 36 Comments

  1. Great pic! Never heard of a pinterest contest, we will go vote now. We don’t do fb voting but we will give this a try! Good luck!

  2. I must be the last person holding out on signing up for Pinterest. lol. But I will share and hopefully you’ll see more votes that way!

  3. Awesome photo! I’ve LIKED and repinned it…Good Luck with the photo contest!

  4. I think you first heard about the contest on my bloggy so I would be extra happy for you to win! I just tweeted this and shared on Facebook. Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Voted and must say Torrey is the best looking of all those pups…Then again we are a bit biased because we love this blog so!

  6. It would be so pawsome if you win! Pinned twice and liked. It looks like you have one major competitor, Mai Youji Kun.

  7. Done! But now I think I need to clean up my board because I believe I had already pinned this photo- it is one of my favorites!

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