Port Neuf Rendezvous — 5 Comments

  1. I wish we could get back into the mountain man fun like we used to. ( I think our Mountain Man clothes have Moth holes) Our dog Maggie who is the same breed as Torry shakes during noices and gets upset easily to. OMG! the fourth of July is coming!!! My Maggy will freak out!! I think Aussies are a very needly breed. I like the vidoes you added. Roxy you and Torry deserve a Mountain Man name to. Lets see….how about ” Sweet Traveler ” for you and “Shy Bird” for Torry? I have two names myself “Two bear” and ” Moon Face.” We bought a small gently used travel tailer and are leaving for Ca. this coming week end to see my Mom and Dad. I have to leave all my citters behind but am having someone stay with them. Maggy gets car sick so we never can take her. ( She needs to stay and pretend to be a guard dog) We are taking two granddaughters. Well you say, ” its all about the fun.” Your friend Mary

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