Review and Giveaway of Cloak and Dawggie-My Canine Kids — 12 Comments

  1. We are glad that you were able to find a harness that fits her perfectly. She looks so happy in the pictures. She is hamming it up a little in the one picture. But she looks so cute and the fit looks great on her. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.

  2. Oh my gosh, doesn’t Roxy look so cute in that, and I love her smile! And she may not be able to walk far, but she really trucks right along when she’s going! I think Luke would look quite handsome in that denim harness too. I love that it has a matching collar as well – color coordination is my thing. :) It also looks like it has a lot of coverage, which I like, since Luke has been known to try to wriggle out of his harness.

  3. It looks great on her! I have an odd shaped dog too so I would love a harness that actually is a good fit for my dog Ruby. I like the Step n Go Harness Dress for Dogs Pink Print cloak & dawggie 7150 My Canie Kids the most. I think it would look great with Ruby’s black coat too :)

  4. Roxy really is a ham for the camera! She looks fabulous in that harness. I’m thrilled to see so many photos of her. I’ve missed your girls!

  5. I really like the Original Step n Go Harness! It looks so well-made and comfortable; I know our dog would love it!
    Your photos are great! I love the Step n Go Harness Dress, too. Our dog is pretty small, and wouldn’t ~she~ just be the little princess in such a stylish (but functional!) outfit. :)

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