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Review and Giveaway of Invincibles toy from Kyjen — 42 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to play with a gecko=he looks like a lot of fun-Abby & Kacee
    We love squeaky little critters! Especially if they are durable!

  2. We are in the toy review program with Kyjen too….so don’t enter us. I am thinking that Dakota would chew off those little orange thingies but this is adorable!

  3. I’ve entered and then I saw Mollie’s comment – I live in the UK too so I’m not sure if was allowed to – whoops!
    Otherwise looks like a great toy.

  4. Coco would love this toy because she loves stuffed animals to chew on and play with. And its even better when it has legs on it! She loves to play tug of war and chew on stuffed animal’s legs for some reason!! And any stuffed toy that squeaks is even better!!!

  5. My Buddy is a lover of toys of every kind. He would go absolutely bananas over this gecko. We have a toy that has about 14 squeakers in it and we had to, unfortunately, put it away. It was too manic!

    Everytime I get a package in the mail, Buddy thinks there has to be something for him in it. He noses his way in and inspects everything, and then lays down with a deep sad sigh when there’s nothing for him in it. It would be so nice if there actually was something in it for him!

  6. You forgot one of the most important things about these toys: They keep squeaking even after we are punctured! We have the snake and Chester and Gretel love it. We only have one so they have to fight over it. This would be perfect for us because then they would have two and wouldn’t have to share

  7. Sissy loves any kind of toy with squeakers. She has punctured squeakers in the past and still tries to make it squeak. I like that if she kills the squeaker than it will still work. She carries her favorites around in her mouth. She also loves any no stuffing toy.

  8. My dogs love squeaky toys. If the toys are invincible then they might last a while with these guys

  9. This would be perfect for my beagle baby, Bru, because he LOVES to squeak squeak squeak SQUEAK squeak his Kong balls. He also attacks and shakes his other soft toys! But he’s been tearing every toy apart, one by one, by starting a hole and ripping out the insides. He NEEDS an invincible toy!

  10. This toy would be perfect for Dumpling because he loves soft squeaky toys! He would love to grow his squeaky toy collection. :D

  11. This would be perfect as I have nine rescued dogs and one foster dog. Some of them love their babies but some of them are on a mission to destroy them! Thank you!

  12. The spines/fins on his back make this perfect for us because we enjoy small toy parts. It’s fun to carry our toys in the tips of our teeth.

  13. We really could use this toy. It seems our puppy’s major goal at the moment is to destroy all the our other dogs toys! We could use one that will last!

  14. My older dog is picky with toys and treats. I think he’d like this one.
    Thanks for the chance.

  15. my dogs can destroy ANYTHING! and the toys with the squeekers are usually the first to go! maybe these would actually last a little longer with the wild bunch! lol

  16. this would be a great toy for us because my dog LOVES to rip out stuffing. it appears to be her purpose in life. lol. tuff toys like this are a godsend because they actually last for awhile.

  17. Our two Dobermans can destroy a toy in seconds – we’re always looking for me sturdy toys

  18. My Kayla LOVES anything that squeaks! Squeakies make her so happy and she’ll prance around the house or yard for hours… squeaking away haha

  19. I know my Shiloh would love this toy because your blog post could have been *about* Shiloh. He loves anything that he can attack and shake, and that he can squeak and squeak and squeak till I go nuts and take him for a walk instead.

  20. This would be perfect because Artie is high energy and is always squeaking his toys.

  21. Mr Amos loves his toys. If they squeek so much the better. He has a cow that moos that he carrier with him everywhere.

  22. My dogs destroy every toy I give them in a matter of minutes. I would love to see if this actually works.

  23. Our dogs usually just chew on a toy like it is their job to destroy it. I am curious to see if this is actually un-destroyable.

  24. I have 3 dogs, sometimes there’s 6 hanging out at my house and they go through toys FAST. An invincible toy would be great for them and they all love squeaks!

  25. I have 4 dogs who always tear out the squeakers first thing. I would like to have one that still squeaks after they get it!

  26. what an awesome review! Boy Roxy, you really went wild there with that gecko! hehehehe! Freddie would love a toy like this. Gloria is still a little afraid of squeaky toys, but hse’s getting better. :)

  27. This would be perfect for me because I board dogs in myhome, so any toys I have go through lots of abuse!

  28. i have 3 little girls and this would be perfect b/c they love dogs that make noises….

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