Review of the P.L.A.Y dog bed

The P.L.A.Y. bed for dogs is awesome

We met the wonderful people fromPet Lifestyle And You, P.L.A.Y, at blogpaws. They make these wonderful, stylish, eco friendly. and comfy beds for dogs. They gave us one of the SFyline beds to bring home and try out. They have a picture of the San Francisco sky line, hence the nameSFyline.    
The covers on all their beds are machine washable, and the ever so soft and fluffy insides, is actually recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that!! 
As you can see, this new bed became Torrey’s, and she really likes it. She’s been sleeping on it for 2 months now, and it’s still as fluffy as when we got it. Mom says that’s a plus because dog beds usually go flat pretty quickly. 
Theirwebsite has the full inventory of great looking beds they offer. Anyone could find a great looking dog bed from this ever so stylish collection.
They are also launching a new line of small pet pillows, I tried one out at blogpaws….So soft and comfy!! Be sure to look for those on their website soon.
P.L.A.Y. is also, all about helping pets in need. They have teamed up with Petfinder to provide dogs in shelters with a cozy place to sleep. Shelters are scary places, and if every dog can have a nice soft bed to sleep on, think how much nicer that will be. So they created the Warm Bellies Initiative.  Every time a bed from the original or artist collection is purchased, a chillpad dog mat will be donated to a dog in need at a shelter. Go to the link to find out more about this fantastic program.  
So the P.L.A.Y beds are comfy….stylish… friendly…..and they give back to the doggie community.
I would say they are awesome in every way!
Be sure to visit their website to see all the great products, and learn more about the company.


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