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Samsung Galaxy S4 — 31 Comments

  1. Wow those are brilliant pix with your new phone. Love the hands free activation function. We just have a dumb phone as we really don’t use it. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That second gif with the moving eyes is something! Phone cameras are getting better and better. I know Mom does all the video with the phone, but we still like to use the Nikon when we can. The phone is for when we are out on walks since we rarely take the Nikon on a walk. Looks like you have really studied up and learned to use that S4 camera!

  3. wow! I want one! Maybe would be a neat together xmas present for us. You got me sold on it. I guess you can download to a chip? so you could print pictures for photos to sent or make greeting cards, etc for family or things?

  4. Have to THANK YOU and tell you that this was one of the BEST reviews EVER! Damn! Now I am soooo regretting that I got an iPhone last Spring and I am SERIOUSLY thinking of switching to this phone. Reading Brian’s comment that he switched too has me really thinking.
    I have point and shoot that is NEVER with me and I HATE that I have to charge it (even if I don’t have to charge it that much) it is more that I never have it with me.
    As you know, I think your photos are AMAZING and the different features that you mentioned really have me interested.
    The iPhone doesn’t do half of what the Galaxy S4 does……
    Sprint has a new program where you don’t have to wait to upgrade your phone. I seriously think I am going to look into this.

    • Caren, Thanks for the compliment on the review. You would love the Galaxy! I am in love with the quality photos it takes and all the cool things it can do. And as a working blog girl phone, it’s great.

  5. I got a new phone 6 months ago. After a lot of research on the best camera on a cell phone, I went wit the Galaxy S4. I absolutely love it! I use the phone for half of my blog photos now…although I had do idea it could do half of the fancy things you mention :)

  6. Wow! What cool features! Dang… Wish you had published this a coupla weeks ago. I just finally got into the 21st century and got a smart phone a few weeks ago – went with an iPhone cuz the hubs has one for work, so I already knew how to work it and didn’t want a big learning curve. Since I have a nikon that I love, I didn’t think of the camera as being that important, but man… those are some fun features! And great shots! LOVE the gifs! Jealous-wealous.

    And thank you SO MUCH for leaving a review on Amazon! Those are so important for little ol’ self-pubbed folks like myself! :)

  7. That is an awesome review and sounds like a very cool phone! Probably my biggest issue with any camera phone I have is the difficulty taking a photo with one hand. That’s hard! Which is why I rarely use my camera phone for photos on the trail. (One hand is usually holding back a certain chocolate lab.) I recently went to the iPhone and really that would be my biggest complaint. Of course I’m not one for reading up on how to work things either. :-D

  8. I had this phone written down as one to look at from another recommendation. But your post has me 100% sold on it (too bad you don’t get commission)! I’m with Caren, this was an awesome review. We got talking about it on FB today when she shared your post, and I couldn’t wait to get home to sit down and read your review. Now I just have to wait for my contract to expire (3 long months to go) so I can upgrade without having to pay all the money! :) Thank you!

    • I am so glad this review helped out. That was my intent in writing it. You won’t be sorry, I have loved everything about the phone, and of course the camera too. LOL…I had to wait too. Sucks!

  9. Great Review, but I just LOVE my iPhone…and my iPad…simply cannot beat the operating system of an Apple. I love that every single picture I take automatically is transferred to my Retina Display iPad and to the Cloud so I don’t even have to back it up! Many, MANY reasons why I love my iPhone and will never, ever go back. The number of apps in the app store is enough to make me switch all by itself!!

    I also love the aluminum case on the iPhone vs the plastic on the Samsung. My best friend has the Samsung and it’s a constant topic of conversation between us.

    That being said, the pictures you took are beautiful!!

  10. Your review was excellent! I use an android phone as well, and am pretty happy with the camera, but it could probably be better. What you describe pretty much sounds like a nice digital camera that you can buy. Except, it has all the perks of a smart phone too! If I ever get to upgrade to a fancier phone, I’d probably get this one.

  11. Hmm, I need to admit that I don’t have a smart phone, and I barely ever use a cell phone because we have no coverage near our house. I am falling so far behind the rest of the world!!!!

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  13. Love the review. I have an iPhone and love it and all the photo/editing apps that I can use with it, but do especially love the “8 quick shots” and animated features on your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. I will be selecting a new phone in February, and will have to do more research between now and then. Perhaps this is the phone for me also, since I use it SO much for photography, along with my Sony NEX C-3 camera. Again thanks for the fabulous review!

    And by the way, love your map of all the places you have been. Wow!!

  14. Great review! I have the Samsung S3 and now I sooo want the S4! Question: how do you upload videos from your phone to your Facebook Page? I used to have the app “Video to Facebook” but it’s gone now.

  15. I have this phone (since April) and still haven’t played with all of the camera features yet LOL. Great review!

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