Sand dunes and cactus — 26 Comments

  1. What a lovely spot for a run. The zoomies in the sand remind me of our angel beagle. Whenever she would hit sand or really loose soil on a walk, it would bring out the zoomies in her for some reason. We’d be walking along, and all of a sudden she’d start zipping around. We’d always yell “loose dirt!” to hype her up even more. We still occasionally yell “Loose dirt!” at Rita – but she has no idea what we’re talking about. (The equivalent for her is “Wet feet!”)
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  2. That looks a lot like the corral pink sand dunes in Utah. In fact I just posted a photo I took there on Instagram today. It’s such very fine sand… I bet it is hard to get traction in. Great exercise Torrey! And I remember the amazing grandeur of saguaro cactus from my time living in Tucson. It is actually kind of delicate and only grows in a certain specific environment. Great post! Meghan
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