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Sand dunes and cactus — 26 Comments

  1. Running on sand is an extra work out. Mom compares it to walking in loose snow. She used to run with Katie on the beach in Germany, but it can be tough.

  2. you have sand dunes and cactus and we have SAND (because it is too cold for salt to work on the ice/snow) and SNOW…..I had never seen pink sand until today! How neat is that?

  3. The desert is so pretty, but I think I would miss real trees after a while….not that cactus aren’t real of course, but you know what I mean ;-)

  4. What a wonderful place to run to! The cactus are so cool….I’d definitely steer clear of one that might jump at me though! :)
    Thanks for the sympathy on our sub-zero weather….wish we could come visit you!

  5. I thought the same thing Emma did- running in that sand is extra exercise! And the warmth and beauty is a bonus too, of course.

  6. That first cactus is so neat looking!!!! And wow!! That sand would be heaven for my huskies, now, given it is not snow, but when the girls are at the beach with us in the summer they LOVE sand zoomies!!!!!
    ((Husky hugz))
    “Love is being owned by a husky”

  7. Awesome shots! Just looking at the warm desert warms me up! Though I don’t think I (or Moses or Alma) would tolerate the hot summer too well. But the scenery is fantastic!

  8. What a lovely spot for a run. The zoomies in the sand remind me of our angel beagle. Whenever she would hit sand or really loose soil on a walk, it would bring out the zoomies in her for some reason. We’d be walking along, and all of a sudden she’d start zipping around. We’d always yell “loose dirt!” to hype her up even more. We still occasionally yell “Loose dirt!” at Rita – but she has no idea what we’re talking about. (The equivalent for her is “Wet feet!”)

  9. As I was looking at these beautiful photos, I forgot how cold it is outside. :) Love the zoomies in the sand… like snow, but different. Ha!

  10. Flattery and I are packing our bags now, Torrey! We think running in sand sounds a lot better than running in snow. Honestly, I love it a little cool, but this is ridiculous!


  11. That looks a lot like the corral pink sand dunes in Utah. In fact I just posted a photo I took there on Instagram today. It’s such very fine sand… I bet it is hard to get traction in. Great exercise Torrey! And I remember the amazing grandeur of saguaro cactus from my time living in Tucson. It is actually kind of delicate and only grows in a certain specific environment. Great post! Meghan

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