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  1. I sadly have no clue what flowers you fond … even google said I’ll pass … and I thought google really knows all LOL
    it’s great to see beautiful things together, like this tree on the hill :o)
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  2. Good morning Mary! My goodness, the detail on these plants, and the perfect angle of light….and that lone tree is spectacular! We are still on holiday here in Carmel, and the fog is stubborn (but I love it) so it hasn’t been the best for photography. HOWEVER, once we drive just 5 minutes out to Monterery, it’s sunny! Before we leave here, I must get a photo of a sailboat….


  3. Such beautiful pictures, Mary. I love it when people have an eye for the things others might find ugly or unusual. I love seeing beautiful in the odd or even mundane. It’s always there. Thank you for searching for it, and seeing it.

  4. They sure are amazing flowers, aren’t they? I think they’re beautiful just based on how they look. But knowing that they have to build up their reserves for 20-80 years before they can bloom makes them even more beautiful to me.
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  6. I had to go back and read this post I missed after reading about the Monumnet Plant. With our daughter here, I am not keeping up with my blog reading. But I needed to see your photos of this beauty. That circular flower pattern running up the stalk is so cool. Great photos of the details. Those little flowers remind me of orchids. Now I need to find one of these!
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