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  1. fasinating photos today Mary. I am temped to order them all in note cards. I finally sent one of the beautiful notecards you made with a array of fall leaves on it to a relative who had surgery. It was hard to part with.

  2. If your MIL is pointing out leaves, seeing beauty must be contagious.

    I once pointed out a beautiful, six foot long piece of driftwood by the lake shore. Mike loved it so much he brought it home. After a business trip, I found he had used it as a hanger for an embroidered wall tapestry. I guess everyone has a little bit of artist inside.
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  3. I loved every single photograph you shared. They are indeed all beautiful! The leaves look like our pear tree leaves. We have several trees in our front and back yard here in the Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia and they are giving us their late gorgeous color too. Thank you for sharing. And I adore the chickadee in flight…amazing and worthy of being framed!
    Love, Pixel & Mommy Jenny
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  4. Those are some spectacular leaves, and I love the chickadee photos. The colors are so bright and happy, and his wing looks so delicate. Very beautiful!

  5. Great patterns in the leaves – I think its a bit of a myth that you have to travel great distances or to famous places to find beauty – its all around if you care to look.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne
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      • I just got a new camera. It should come today. It’s a Nikon 1 S2 – one of those compact DSLRs. I have a D80 full-size DSLR but it’s so big and heavy to take hiking with us. I am hoping that the new camera will be a happy medium. I think my Samsung Galaxy takes great pictures but it doesn’t have the flexibility that a DSLR has. I have been busy with school so I am barely keeping my blog alive but improving photo quality is one of the things on my to-do list after I graduate in April.
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