Seeing beauty, were others don’t — 36 Comments

  1. I love the permanency for a place called home; but would love to travel and see many places. I love the desert with all her history and rich sky scenes and plants. I know some see it has a harsh place for surviva and endurance but I others see it as beauty and intense like a weathered character.

  2. That’s why I love this bloghop, I can discover so much things what are beautiful at the second look and what are special. I like this little snowball and your sky looks really beautiful, who needs a tv when you can watch a sky like yours?
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  3. This line stopped us in our tracks: Seeing beauty where others don’t, can be as simple as looking…

    Love this. Thank you for the inspiration (even for us who do it all the time). It was beautiful. And we so appreciate the ways you see, celebrate and create more beautiful!

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