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Shop dog report 2/10/12 — 8 Comments

  1. Very pretty Roxy. I hope you have a good trip and that the sun shines for you.

    BTW, I’m not sure whether I ever told your mum I read the page she told me about. It was very interesting and made me think about the stones I use to play one of my capoeira instruments called the berimbau. I choose flat smooth stones for that. I could use these stones as amulets (or patuas) and make a little pouch for them to hang around my neck. You see, she’s given me ideas :)

    p.s. goth versus hippie! BOL.

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  3. Hey Roxy,

    Tell your Mum that jewellery is awesome, she’s so talented!!

    I have a question, when you go on the road are your parents gonna continue to make all their cool stuff from the trailer?

    Have a fun time

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Hey sweetie pie!

    Tell Mommy and Daddy,”Congratulations” for me. Their destiny has already been chosen and their actions are bringing it to life. Both of them are so talented and its such an added blessing that they’re a couple who can share their talents with the world, as a team. What couple could ask for more in this life. And….Roxy, you get to go along for the ride and be treated like a Princess! What a life and what a blessing!

    I pray that you will all walk together always in health, happiness and great prosperity. (You never know, Roxy….their success could bring you a Diamond Collar someday or, how about a pierced ear with a diamond?? No? Too much pain, you say? Well, you may be right on that account!! lol

    Love to all,

  5. Just awesome!!!!!!! I may not be able to resist these unique wonderful jewelry pieces. I have some buffalo teeth Mary if you want them.. I’m cleaning our trailer today and packing up this week end all my art, etc. Mia is staying with family this week end starting tonight. Tell Al I’m bringing the DVD player with us , some great westerns and the movie “off the Map” One of my fav. movies. Sam Elliot is in it to. If you haven’t seen it Mary you can borrow it.

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