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  1. Welcome to the the safe riders club. It is so important for you two to be properly restrained! I think humans are part of the reason dogs don’t like to be restrained, but Mom just put the harness on us strapped us in and that was it, no coddling or anything and we accepted it. Even Bailie didn’t fight the harness on the first try. If it is a good restraint and you can still move around a bit, there is nothing bad about it. Heck people and kids sit still for hours, a dog can too. Glad you will all be safer!
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  2. we saw on the news about the virgin river gorge being closed with all those motorist stuck. It has snowed everywhere in Utah. Glad to hear the dogs are traveling safe now. Good article about this.

  3. Great post on safety…and that sleepy pod looks perfect for those with small dogs.

    To be honest, we did not think much of leaving dogs loose before Toby had a panic attack once and tried to climb out the window while we were on the Cross Bronx expressway in heavy traffic. It was not pretty, i was actually crying while trying to hold 85 pounds of freaking out Labrador back while my hubby drove. We bought a crate at the next Petco we passed on that trip, and Toby has been crated ever since.

    We also keep Meadow crated, but I can’t fit a third crate big enough for Leah in either of our vehicles, so we keep her behind the crates so she can’t climb up into the front seat with us or go flying out the front windshield in an accident (We also bungee the crates in so that they won’t smash into her in an accident either.) She is fourteen and has never had any kind of panic attack and she just lays back there and behaves, so she still has her freedom, (as much freedom as you can have in a small area with just enough room to lay down in), and we give her a bed and she’s happy.
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  4. Oh, what good doggies – even if there was a wee bit of pouting! I really need to start trying Rita out with the harness. With our first dog, Bailey, we let her roam free in the car. She loved to sit on the hub’s lap – and I used to worry about the airbag going off! Abby had a harness because she was a banana. I’d put her in the back dn she’d try to climb into the front – but she was way too big to be up front. Plus she tried to crawl under my legs once while I was driving! Yikes! So, in the harness she went – but it was still not ideal as she’d buck and leap around back there and get herself all hog-tied in the thing. Rita stays in the back seat and has never once tried to come up front, so I’ve let her get away w/ not wearing the harness, but I really should try it on her. I keep saying I’m going to and not doing it… soon. I swear.

    Hope you get good driving weather soon! Didn’t realize you hadn’t made it to AZ yet!
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  5. It’s great that both dogs are now safely secured in the car. We’ve been using a car safety harness on Daisy for most of her life, and she’s fine with it. Ours has nice soft fleece lining inside the front, so it’s very comfortable on her. She doesn’t mind it one bit. Roxy looks adorable in her pod, and Torrey definitely looks a bit pouty and not too happy with her restraints. But still, better that they’re safe, especially with all the driving you do! :)
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  6. Hey Thanks, gonna write that down and check it out, not sure we will get Susie in there, after her puppy mill ordeal, Bites will be fine!

    The Mad scots

  7. We have always seatbelted our dogs, and I saw the recent study that came out. Unfortunately, they didn’t test our seatbelt brand but I suspect it wouldn’t have done as well as the Clickit. I’m thrilled to hear that Torrey is okay with the Click-it. I wondered if it would be SO constraining that our dogs wouldn’t be comfy. It sounds like they’d get used to it…

    Now, our only problem is that our vehicles are all more than 15 years old, which means that they must be retrofitted to accommodate the 3 point harness of the Clickit…

    Thanks for this informative post!
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    • Basically, they offered me the sleepypod. I looked a little at the air while roaming around their website. I think this one is better suited to car travel. The sides are hard and the way it is used with a seat belt make it really safe. I hope that helps.

  8. YAY! You just got the two BEST PRODUCTS EVER!!! I can’t believe how well the ClickIt is at keeping Maya in her seat. She hates being that restrained, but she’ll get used to it. It is for her own safety, after all. I don’t have a pet small enough to use the Sleepypod carrier, but I absolutely love them. I love the fact that they are crash tested.
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  9. These products sound great. The sleepy pod looks like a step up from a crate…soft and cozy instead of cold and hard. We don’t travel a lot, but when we do we are guilty of letting the dogs stay loose. Cricket also wants to be on my lap and I know that’s the worst. I am writing this down to look into…thanks for the great review!
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