Snappy H’appy photo challenge #9 — 35 Comments

  1. Great photos! I never saw or heard of glacier lilies before, but they’re lovely. That heart shape in the tree bark is incredible – fits right in with a Native American-type story I wrote years ago! Have a wonderful weekend!
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  2. I like Glacier Lillies, they always look fragile and I would like to cover them with my hands. Thanks for a beautiful post, it’s great to see how the nature wakes up. Have a beautiful friday!
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  3. How long do the glacier lilies last? Both flowers are different from each other but lovely in their own way. The choice of the second picture to layer is interesting and I’m sure I’m missing the subtext because I’m not familiar with the seasons and how they bring about changes in the landscape and plants locally :) Thanks for sharing!
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  4. So excited to see the glacier lilies in bloom! I took a shot 3 weeks ago of a very similar wildflower in NC – but the only field guide I had along was a Western one, so never did identify our little imposter! You chose a good photo to combine it with, looks very alpine somehow. Have a great weekend!
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  5. I love glacier lillies!!!!! I usually don’t get to see them until around July when the mountains melt out. I love seeing yours!

    I just read that some DSLR’s have a double exposure function. I’m going to see if mine does! What fun!
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  10. I really like the effect of the lily photo combined with the stream photo. Makes it appear as if the lily is pushing through to bloom in frosty snow. Very nice!

    And that tree “heart” is so neat. Never seen anything quite like it. You explore such wonderful places!

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