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Snappy H’appy photo challenge – Week 2 — 32 Comments

  1. Mom always liked to take pics but since the blog got started she has really been working on it and enjoys it. She wishes she would be better at it, but it is a great hobby. Love seeing that Cactus in the desert. We just got hit with a big blizzard with chilling wind, so that warms us up a bit. We are happy still for snow, but we don’t appreciate the wind!

  2. Photo 2 looks very dynamic with the stronger clouds and the cactus that pops out against the sky and the busy-ness in the foreground so that my eyes really focus on it. The two photos sure show up the difference before and after the HDR filter in Lightroom. Great choice!

    The strangest thing is, I think it will be awfully funny if you guys stand on either side of the of cactus in the photo. That is me just being weird…oh well. :P

    Thank you for joining :) Have a great weekend ahead!

  3. excellent photo!!!!! Makes me what to come there and hug that cactus and get all prickly. The sky exceeds beautiful! I suck at photos but enjoy taking them when people don’t expect me to take their picture.

  4. Very nice photos. Love the vivid blue sky. I use Lightroom too, but lately I have been using fotor which I downloaded. I find is quicker, (except for adding a water mark :)).

  5. Nice job!!!!! I too have found that HDR works better on some images than others. This kind of image is perfect. The Lightroom treatment made everything pop without going over the top. Is that a young Sagurao cactus? (young is a relative term with them as they don’t even grow arms until they’re 15-25 years old) Thank you so much for joining Snappy H’appy!

    • Hi Dolly. BLM is the Bureau of land management. Basically government owned land that they regulate. Public land, not a national park or anything like that. Sadly, the individual states have no say over what the feds do with the land.

  6. I love what you did here-it really makes the sky, clouds and the yellow of the flowers pop-a very lovely image-

  7. Of course it is not possible to take a bad picture out there Mary!! LOVE the vibrant colors and that brilliant blue sky!! Happy Sunday to you!!

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  9. Nice work! It will be great to look back and be able to see how your art progresses with time :-)

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  13. Very OK – and even better. Love the dramatic sky. It really pops against the foreground after the HDR is applied. Have not used Lightroom, but should probably check it out. I know it’s separate from Photoshop, so need to check into it. Am thinking about a subscription to Adobe so I can get the newest “everything”, as my version of Photoshop is CS2…kinda old.

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